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An Art Studio

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Studio Hours

Studio Hours
8:30am - 5:00pm

8:30am - 5:00pm and 6pm to 8:30pm
8:30am - 5:00pm 
8:30am - 5:00 pm

8:30 - 5:00 pm

Saturday; We are open one Saturday every month (it changes every month-call) and by appointment.

Please call 352-341-0003 ahead of time if you're going out of your way to visit us,
in case we had to close for any reason.

Our Customer Service

Our Customer Service Department has strict orders!

Take care of the customer!

Do everything you can to ensure our customers satisfaction!
Do nice things for the customers!
Give the customer more than they expected!
Guarantee everything one way or another!

If we please you
tell others.
If not, please tell us.

Stained Glass Classes

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Whether you're new to stained glass or have years of experience, you can expect a very relaxed atmosphere where we share, learn new techniques, have fun and laugh!
Stained Glass Classes

Dichroic Jewelry

Our Dichroic Glass Fused Pendants are Unique and have several layers. Actually gauranteed to bring compliements!
See Our Dichroic Jewelry

Twig Holders

walts clay twig holder

Where's one to hold their twigs without a twig holder?

Our Twig Holders are made of both Clay and Glass!

We've got many styles.

See Our Twig Holders

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Bottle Trees


We Ship Our Authentic Southern Glass Bottle Trees
All Over The USA!
Learn About Bottle Trees


This gift is FREE with your purchase of most of our Authentic Southern Glass Bottle Trees!

This Blue Bottle Hanging includes a suction cup to hang from your window!

blue hanging bottle

We supply the hanging blue bottle!  You display your favorite flower or twigs!
Without a twig holder, where do you keep your twigs?

Follow Us on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter

Forever Fingerprints

glass prints 002

Cubby’s Forever Fingerprints allows you to preserve an actual fingerprint of someone you love in a Fused Glass Pendant!

It’s a keepsake you can give to someone special that will be kept forever and last a lifetime!
Learn More

Restoration Services

Repair Stained Glass Restoration Services

Professional restoration of all types of stained glass including Church Windows, Antique Windows, Lamps and more modern pieces.

25 Years of Experience!
Learn More

Fusing Classes

Our Fused Glass Classes are held once a month, on a Saturday.
All classes fill up in advance, call ahead!

Mosaics Classes

Mosaic Pear Art Piece Created by Cubby

We have everything you need to learn how to make a mosaic piece and learn the techniques to create your own mosaics, at home, on almost anything!

More Services

At Cubby's, people bring in "oddball" things all the time for me to repair.

If you have ANYTHING (other than things like electronics) and you need it "fixed", don't hesitate to bring it in and I'll see about fixing it up for you!
This includes, but not limited to, wood, metal, glass, cermaics or anything else you wished hadn't broke.


Welcome to Cubby's........


WE'VE MOVED TO OUR NEW LOCATION AT 1754 HWY 41 North in Inverness!   We’re proud of many things we do here. Whether you came here looking for an Authentic Southern Glass Bottle Tree, our classes in stained glass, fusing, mosaics, dichroic jewelry, our gifts or our art studio, we invite you to explore the entire site.

Our studio is described as “comfortable”.  It has a “relaxed atmosphere”.  Here, we promote Kindness and Good will and Good Karma! We insist.

PLEASE NOTE;  Pictures on this website are of older classes and bottle trees.  We do not add new pics here.
Instead, we update pictures on our Facebook Page, Cubby's Art Studio and Bottle Trees.

We ship our Authentic Southern Glass Bottle Trees all over the country!  We hope if you live in Florida or plan on visiting, you'll come by and check out our Bottle Tree Farm in our back yard.  If you don't live close... just click on the link above. We also offer a small "Table Top Bottle Trees".  Our Authentic Southern Bottle Trees are made with HEAVY steel branches. We keep track of all our trees and we will travel to build you a special Glass Bottle Tree on site. If you would like us to create a special bottle tree for you, your home or your business, please call us for a quote.  Glass Bottle Trees are said to lure evil spirts.  Attracted to the colored bottles, once inside, like a fly, they can't get out. The next day, as the sun rises, they get burned up! Bottle Trees are also known as "Poor Mans Stained Glass". We build our Authentic Southern Glass Bottle Trees in the south, by hand, one tree at a time and then we ship them all over The United States. Our studio is located on the "Rails to Trails" in Inverness.  Many people come from all over the country (and world) to ride their bikes on the trails.   I create and weld many types of "Bottle Tree Bikes". Read the full article of Bottle Trees "Origin of Bottle Trees".    Read; "Why to choose one of our Bottle Trees" by Clicking Here!

Most orders include several free gifts!  One is a small blue bottle. We've drilled a hole in the neck and we supply a suction cup for you to hang it in your window.  You can then display your favorite little plower inside or, like us, display your twigs! Without a twig holder, where do you keep your twigs?
You can order your bottle tree Here.

We have been teaching Classes in Stained Glass on and off since the “80’s”. We only take eight students at a time and spend “hands-on” time with each student. Students are encouraged to build anything from small stained glass “suncatchers” to large stained glass windows. The classes are full most of the time, call ahead.

Just take a moment to visit "The Students Page" to see all the students who have taken classes here at Cubby's!  Just scroll down the page and you'll see all the projects they've been creating.  You might also see someone you know!  Many of these students have been together for years.  Many never thought they had a "creative bone" in their body before coming to class here.

In our Dichroic/Fusing classes we take a maximum of 12 students at a time. Each student is taught how to make Dichroic Pendants or Fused Glass from start to finish. Each student takes home 4-6 pendants or 2-4 Fused glass projects. Dichroic glass is a beautiful glass known for its reflective qualities.

If you want to purchase Dichroic Jewelry, rest assured, we constantly change our line of Dichroic jewelry, always coming up with new designs and colors. Many of our customers come in time after time to pick up another pendant to match a particular outfit or for a gift for someone special.

Cubby’s Forever Fingerprints are actual fingerprints of family members, friends and children that are made into a fused glass pendant. Preserve someones special fingerprints in different colors in fused glass. Think about the impact these fingerprints could leave behind! What if fingerprints were available, right now, from people who have passed before us (famous or not)? They’ll be kept and cherished forever. These are really special......

You can see other art projects incorporating wood, glass, metal and MOSAICS on the Cubby's Other Art page.

WOW!  Eveyone LOVES our Twig Holders! They come in many different shapes and sizes.  We create them out of Stained Glass and Clay. Sometimes we mix in some Dichroic Glass on the glass ones.  Whether made of glass or clay we fire them in our kilns, right here at Cubby's.  As we like to ask, "Without a Twig Holder from Cubby's, what's one to do with their twigs"? People love the concept and THEY MAKE GREAT GIFTS!


Have you seen our Bottle Tree Farm?

Our "Bottle Tree Farm" is located on the corner of
Independence and Hwy 41 in Inverenss, Florida.
We are located right on the Bike Trail.
If you get this way, please stop in and visit!

Our Bottle Trees are purchased by
local residents and by vistors
who come to Citrus County
from all over the country!
We ship our Authentic, Southern Bottle Trees all over the USA.

We build custom Glass Bottle Trees too! 
If you have a special design in mind for your
Bottle Tree, please contact us!
We'll work with you on the design!



best small bike on gate i made smaller. 278 x 398
bottle tree sign Cubby's An Art Studio Specializing Dichroic Glass, Bottle Trees & Stained Glass Examples of our Unique Art Cardinal Art Wall Hanging
3 Hammers Stained Glass Art Piece