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Bottle Trees For Sale



Below you will find our assortment of Bottle Trees for sale.

You can collect and use any color of bottles you want and you can mix and match them for an exciting colorful effect. Your home will be the one that people talk about when you plant one of our bottle trees in your yard!

We use all different colors of bottles for our trees (we're just partial to growing blue ones).

There are many different designs for these bottle trees.  If you don't see what you're looking for, drop me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll create any size, shape or design you desire.  You can also call us at 352-341-0003.  We're a friendly bunch and we'll enjoy talking to you to find out how we can help you get just the Bottle Tree you've been looking for........

With the exception of the "Just Hanging Around Bottle Tree", all our tree trunks are made with a SOLID 5/8 inch metal!  No one else uses a heaiver metal. 

We gaurantee your satisfaction! We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.
Your tree will be shipped professionally packed, with complete, easy-to-read instuctions.

Below are some pictures and prices of the Bottle Trees that we ship all over the country!

Bottle Trees For Sale




The "Mac Daddy" Tree


The "Mac Daddy of Bottle Trees"  The King!
Our LARGEST Bottle Tree!

  • This mammoth tree stands SIX feet out of the ground when planted.
  • Holds 43 Bottles!
  • Comes in Two Pieces
  • Bottles not included
  • Bending pipe is included!
    • Free Gift Included!
    • Sandblasted and Painted Brown



buy-now view-cart



The "Little Runt Poppy"


An offspring from our regular size Poppy Bottle Tree, this little guy won't ever grow up like his larger peers.

  • He's almost 5 feet tall when you get it.
  • He'll be about 4' high after you plant it.
  • He holds 17 bottles.
    • Comes in one piece
  • Bottles not included
  • Bending pipe is included!


Pictured are beer bottle size bottles but you can put any size that you want on this cutie.




tabletopThe "Table Top" Tree

(Includes Prioity Shipping)

Proof "Good Things Come in Small Packages"!
This tree is heavy, solid and makes a great gift

  • This Little Tree fits on your desk or table top
  • Holds 1o Bottles (Included)
  • The Size of the Table Top Tree is 11 inches tall.
  • Bottles ARE included
  • Sandblased and Painted Silver
  • HEAVY contsruction




The "Show Off" Bottle Tree


The name says it all!    This tree thinks it's bigger and better than all the other trees in the forest!   It spreads itself out as if to say, "Look at Me".

Some might get the opinion that it's a snob. We don't think so. But we do think it's just a bit pretentious.

  • It holds 25 bottles.
  • It comes in two pieces.
  • Bending/Shaping Pipe Included
    • Sandblasted and Painted Brown
  • Bottles Not Included
    • Free Gift Included






wannabaThe "Wannabe" Bottle Tree


This tree always tries to be like it's cousin " The Unruly" (below).

  • The Wannabe stands 46" above ground once it is “planted”.
  • Holds 14 bottles of any size and shape that you wish to display.
  • Sandblasted and painted brown.
  • Comes in One Piece.
  • Bending/Shaping Pipe Included
  • Bottles Not Included.
  • Free Gift Included!




The Conservative Bottle Tree
For the people who like things more "conservative" and "normal".
The branches on this tree are more evenly spaced out.

  • Stands about 46" above ground once it is “planted”.
  • The branches are even and go from large to small.
  • Holds 19 bottles of any size and shape that you wish to display.
  • Sandblasted and painted brown.
  • Bending Pipe Included
    • Comes in One Piece
  • Free Gift Included!

The Conservative" tree branches are larger on the bottom and smaller at the top. Any size bottle will fit on the branches. There are 3 bottles on each teir. You can shape your tree with the size bottles you put on it! Larger on the bottom, to smaller on the top, will give you that typical tree shape. All trees are made with pride, love and good Karma!



The "Unruly" Bottle Tree
One of our most popular Bottle Trees!

  • This tree stands approximately 6 feet above ground once it is “planted”.
  • It has long and short branches.
  • Holds 22 bottles of any size and shape that you wish to display.
  • The trees are sandblasted and painted brown.
  • Comes in Two Pieces
  • Bending Pipe included
  • Free Gift Included
  • Bottles are not included.

This tree is so "unruly". It refuses to grow in a more traditional shape like the other trees!

It's like it has an "attitude" or something. Kinda like a rebellious teenager or spoiled child.
It simply won't conform.

The artist has the flexibility to place the branches wherever desired. All trees will be different, even from the picture above. However, they will have longer and shorter branches and be similar to the one pictured here.

All our trees are created with pride, love and good Karma..........



PorcupineThe "Porcupine" Bottle Tree


WOW! The Porcupine Bottle Tree holds 37 bottles! 
This is for the person who has a lot of bottles they want to display!

  • This tree holds 37 bottles!
  • It's about 6 foot high once planted!
  • Sandblasted and Painted Brown
    • Comes in two pieces
  • Free Gift Included!
    • Bottles Not Included








The "Just Hanging Around" Bottle Tree
  • Approximately 40" in length
  • Holds 30 bottles of any size and shape that you wish to display.
  • They look great hanging from your trees or your front porch.
  • Sandblasted and Painted Brown.
  • Comes with a hook at the bottom to hang plants from.
  • Comes in One Piece
    • Bending pipe included
  • Bottles not included.
  • Free Gift Included





Large-Flat-Stanely-Bottle-TreeThe "Large Flat Stanley" Bottle Tree



"Flat Stanley Trees are great up against a fence or an outside wall of your home.
They're conservative and grow nice and neat!

  • Comes in two pieces.
  • Almost 6 Foot high when planted.
  • Holds 13 Bottles
  • Sandblasted and Painted Brown
  • Bending/shaping pipe Included
  • Free Gift included!
  • Bottles not included.







The "Mini Me" Bottle Tree



This Bottle Tree INCLUDES 18 blue bottles, stands 40" high when planted and looks forward to growing up someday as big and strong as the other bottle trees on the farm! Looks great in your garden or by your front door.


One Piece
Bottles ARE Included.
40" tall after planting.
Bending/shaping pipe Included.

Sandblasted and Painted Brown.









Flag-Bottle-Tree2The "Mini Bottle Tree - Garden Flag Holder"




This Mini Bottle Tree displays all your favorite garden flags!
It INCLUDES the seven baby blue bottles!

  • 40” inches tall after it’s planted!
  • Sandblasted and Painted SILVER!
  • One Piece.
  • Does not include flag
  • Bottle Tree Flags sold separately  for $8.95 and are exclusive to Cubby's






poppy-bottle-treeThe " Poppy" Bottle Tree


The Poppy's branches are more at the top of the tree and opens
up like a flower!

  • The Poppy Bottle Tree holds 25 bottles!
  • It's about 6 FOOT high when planted.
  • Bending/shaping pipe included
  • Free gift included!
    • Comes in two pieces.
    • Sandblasted and Painted Brown.
  • Bottles not included.








The_Blue_Bonnet_Bottle_TreeThe Blue Bonnet Bottle Tree


The Blue Bonnet Bottle is a favorite with our Texan friends!

  • Holds 43 Bottles!
  • SIX feet high AFTER you plant it.
  • Comes in two pieces.
  • Bending/Shaping pipe Incuded.
    • Free Blue Bottle Window Hanging Included!
    • Free "No Evil Spirits" Sticker!
  • Sandblasted and Painted Brown.







The-Ultimate-Conservative-37The Ultimate Conservative


This  Ultimate Conservative Bottle Tree grows the way a
good tree should (not like The Unruly). 
This Tree grows straight and "nice".

  • This Tree Holds 37 Bottles!
  • It's SIX feet high AFTER you plant it!
  • Comes in Two Pieces.
  • Bending/Shaping Pipe Included.
    • Free Blue Bottle Window Hanging Gift!
    • Free "No Evil Spirits" Sticker.
  • Sandblasted and painted Brown





<li><font color="#006600"><big><big>This Little Tree fits on your
desk or table top<br>
<li><font color="#006600"><big><big>Holds 11 Bottles</big></big></font></li>
<li><font color="#006600"><big><big>The Size of the Table Top
<li><font color="#006600"><big><big>This Little Tree fits on your
desk or table top<br>
<li><font color="#006600"><big><big>Holds 11 Bottles</big></big></font></li>
<li><font color="#006600"><big><big>The Size of the Table Top Tree
is 14.5 inches tall and 9" wide. <br>
<li><font color="#006600"><big><big>Bottles included <br>



Cubby's Can Now Ship your Bottle Tree to you anywhere in the Country. How do we do it? Click on the link below to read more about shipping bottle trees.

Shipping Information


Bottle trees have been known to trap evil spirits trying to enter your property and home. It's said by having a bottle tree in your yard, evil spirts trying to enter will be trapped inside and confused by the sunlight and color, unable to escape. More and more people are using Cubby's bottle trees at their home for decortive art and good Karma.