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An Art Studio

Cubbys Bottle Tree Farm Photos

fishtoe-bottle-treeCubby's Bottle Tree Farm has seen many different styles and designs of Bottle Trees over the years. We plant a New tree and then we cut one down again.  Please visit here to see some of them.

Here is a photo gallery of many of our tree's. Some of these are still available but most are not. Please let us know if there is a style that you would like to purchase, we may just be able to help.








Cubby's Can Now Ship your Bottle Tree to you anywhere in the Country. How do we do it? Click on the link below to read more about shipping bottle trees.

Shipping Information


Bottle trees have been known to trap evil spirits trying to enter your property and home. It's said by having a bottle tree in your yard, evil spirts trying to enter will be trapped inside and confused by the sunlight and color, unable to escape. More and more people are using Cubby's bottle trees at their home for decortive art and good Karma.