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Bottle Trees Shipping


Shipping Bottle Trees


Our Bottle Trees are shipped in one piece or two pieces, depending on which Bottle Tree you order.

The Branches are folded up and for your convenience
in bending them down, we've included a "bending pipe".

Your tree is about 58" to 8-9' depending on which Bottle Tree you order.  But wait, that's before you get it in the ground! The depth in which you put it in the ground determines how tall your tree will end up.

Basically, your tree should be planted
about 18"-24" in the ground.

But, you can put more in the ground
and make your tree shorter.


This means your Bottle Tree can be as high
as 6' (or higher) or as short as 3' foot out of the ground.

We sanblast and paint your Bottle Tree brown before it's shipped to you.  After awhile, your Bottle Tree will rust. We don't mind that because we think it looks more like a tree!  Besides, we've learned that when your tree is up and the bottles are on the branches, that's all any really ever sees. 

The beauty of the colored bottles!

However, you can paint yours again
after awhile if you'd like.

Just remember to clean the rust with something like mineral spirits and use a good primer and enamel paint.